Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Priti Rajpurohit Best Gynaecologist and Gynecology Hospital in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India has compiled some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What is Prenatal Care?
A: Prenatal care is the care you receive when you are pregnant. It includes care given by your healthcare provider, support from your family and an extra focus on giving yourself the care you need during this special time. Good prenatal care gives you the best chance for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

Q: When I am pregnant, what warning signs should I look for that should prompt me to call the office?
A: The following should prompt you to call the Obs & Gynae doctor immediately: *Vaginal bleeding greater than your normal menstrual period *No fetal movement for 12 hours (after 28 weeks of pregnancy) *Persistent headache unrelieved by Tylenol *More than 4-6 contractions in one hour before 35 weeks of pregnancy *Persistent leakage of fluid from the vagina

Q: I think I am pregnant, what should I do? 
A: Call our hospital and set up an initial visit, what we call a “Pregnancy Confirmation” visit. We will tell you everything you need to know at that appointment.

Q: What should i bring to my first appointment?
For your first appointment, please bring any older medical records that have not already been received by the Center. We also highly recommend that you bring a spouse, partner, family member, or friend for support. Also bring any government subsidy card if you have like Bhamashah card.

Q: Can i bring family members to appointment?
A: You may bring up to two additional family members or friends, including your spouse or partner.

Q: Can multiple ultrasounds during pregnancy harm the fetus?
A: Ultrasounds performed either abdominally or transvaginally are safe during pregnancy. You can read more on our Prenatal Imaging and Diagnosis page.

Q: What can i expect during my visit to the doctor?
A: The hospital coordinator will make sure all appointments are arranged in a timely fashion. Each of my patient is unique and treated individually, and the schedule will be tailored specifically to your needs. The doctor will discuss your care options with you and answer any questions that you may have regarding your diagnosis and management.

Q: What are the symptoms of Vaginal Infection?
A: Many women will be diagnosed with a vaginal infection at some point, and some women have these frequently. The most common ones are either a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. There are quite a few similarities. Both can cause itching, burning, rawness or discomfort. Both are usually associated with increased vaginal discharge. While all women have some vaginal discharge, the amount can vary between different women as well as for the same woman at different stages of her life. You may be more susceptible if you have recently taken antibiotics or if you have a new sexual partner. There are medications that should be used as prescribed by the Obs & Gynae doctor for the correct treatment.

 Q: Is it OK to exercise during pregnancy?
A: It is not only okay to exercise during pregnancy, but it is encouraged. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends healthy pregnant women get 30 minutes of moderately vigorous activity most days of the week.Exercise tips:
• Increase your daily activities (walk more, use stairs)
• The best exercise is the one you enjoy (sports, walking, running, swimming, aerobics, yoga, Pilates)
• Use the talk test to gauge intensity. If you can talk during activity, it is not too intense
• As your body changes, you may have to change activities. Consult Obs & Gynae doctor for the same.

Q: At what age should I have my first Gynaec exam?
A: Unless there is a medical problem, you should have your first pelvic exam around the age of 21 years or sooner.

Q: What should I do if I think I have a vaginal infection or a urinary tract infection (UTI)?
A: Call us to schedule an exam.

Q: I have gone through menopause but am experiencing spotting or staining. What should I do?
A: Call Dr. Priti Rajpurohit Best Gynaecologist in Bikaner to schedule an examination.

Q: Is it safe to exercise when I’m pregnant?A: It is safe to exercise in moderation during pregnancy, unless your obstetrician advises against it. Some exercises can help with childbirth. Best Gynaecologist Bikaner

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